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                                  The Goat Experience 

                                       ($25/person) A very small group

A time to learn about raising goats or just play with the babies

    Sunday 7/28 11am-12:30 or 1pm



Looking for the BEST Texas Pygmy Nigerian dwarf goats?! Well, look no more! I breed healthy, small, and colorful babies. First time goat owner or experienced goat owner, I can be your mentor. I've been doing this for years. Baby goats make everything better!

I Sell the Best Texas Pygmy Nigerian Dwarf Goats!  TM

Nigerian Dwarf

As seen on Shark Tank

My wait list is necessary because of the quality of the babies. I hardly ever sell babies
from this website or Facebook because
customers are waiting for them. 
I babysit the wait list and take it very seriously.
You can see examples of babies I have sold below.  
If you want babies from me, read the wait list info on my contact page and send me your info.
IMG_0726 (1).jpg

My Reviews

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