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Thank you for reaching out to me. I raise and sell Pygmy/Nigerian dwarf crosses.
They are the two smallest breeds of goats.

I breed to have babies year around.
If you want to be on my wait list here is what I need.

1. How many (1 alone is not a good idea, they are herd animals. If you do not have other goats I will not sell you just one. Too hard on them).    

2. Boys or girls (girl wait list is long- like several months) Fixed boys make great pets.

3. Horns or no horns?

4. What city you live in? 

5. Cell phone number to text pictures and when they are born. Hard to predict how long before you get babies due to I don't know what my mama's will have and don't know how many people before you on the list are serious.

Once you send me all the above information I will then acknowledge receipt and add you to the list. (NOTE: shortest wait is when you want 2 of either sex. I keep siblings together).

   My boys are $350and girls are $450.

When the babies are born I will text you pictures to the next 5 people on the wait list so you need to respond quickly if you are interested before someone else reserves them.

If you like them, you will then send 1/2 deposit (via PayPal or Zelle- please set this up now if you are serious about a baby because they are not held without a deposit), I send you a receipt, and then you pay the balance (cash or PayPal) when you pick them up in 6 weeks.  
I did not design this wait list but because I don't over breed, I have a difficult time keeping up with the demand.

My customers always say “it was worth the wait!”

When you buy from me you are part of my goat family and I am here to help any time.

Please send me the necessary information in order to be on
My Wait list!

Roxie the owner next to Roxie THE Crazy Goat Lady sign



Phone:  214-675-3089

Roxie the Crazy Goat Lady

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Success! Message received.

My Ranch is located in Hamilton, Texas!

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